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Louisa North Likes Her Independence Very Much, Despite Her Royal Father S Protests So When Simon Tremaine, The Dashing Duke Of Foxmoor, Whom She Once Loved And Had Exiled From England Returns Bent On Marrying Her, She S Skeptical The Fire Between Them Burns As Hot As Ever, But When Simon S Ulterior Motive For Marriage Is Exposed, Along With The Deeply Buried Secrets Of His Past, Louisa Vows To Make Him Pay And The Price Will Be His Heart Jeffries Fans Will Devour This Treat Romantic Times Great way to spend a Saturday evening reading about Simon s determined pursuit of Louisa, and how the pursuer really was the pursued all the time Simon has some issues from his cruel grandfather that take things to the next emotional level I m glad to see that things worked out for Simon and Louisa, and it s so refreshing to read a book with a hero who isn t sleeping with every woman he can prior to the heroine Simon was a really hot hero, although he tried so hard to keep his emotions under control I loved that Louisa was the only woman who could get under his skin, and how that fact drove him crazy I loved that Louisa helped Simon to heal from his emotional wounds and taught him how to love This one goes onto my favorites list. I think this is the 4th time I ve read this book I really do enjoy this series If you do read this, I highly recommend you start with the Royal Brotherhood series, specifically To Pleasure a Prince so you don t feel lost There s not much I don t like about this book, I love that Louisa is her own person, despite the fact she is Prinny s illegitimate daughter and could have a easy life Instead, after the death of her beloved half sister in childbirth, she works diligently for prison reform for women, trying to improve their conditions and help them to reform themselves Simon has made a bargain with the devil, Prinny to be exact Marry Louisa and keep her away from her work, and become the next prime minister Except Prinny has never been someone you can trust But Simon has lusted for Louisa for seven years and decides he can t lose, that is until Louisa finds out Back and forth, back and forth, their chemistry is off the charts, but so is their suspicion of each other It makes for a lot of tense and angst and drama, but I tend to like those sort of things, especially when it s well done, and I think Ms Jeffries does an excellent job, but I could be biased dnfI truly hate royale illegitimate children in romances I know that King George IV had many bastards but Loiusa just didn t feel authentic And it was too much politics If I wanted to read about 19 century politics I would pick up a history book about that.But I am quite excited about next book so I hope I will not be disappointed again. I really hated this book, and I thought I better at least explain a couple of reasons I didn t like it to justify my rating So, I ll just name a couple1 I felt like I was dropped into the middle of a book when reading the first chapter It felt like I was supposed to know the characters and backstory already Perhaps there are some other Sabrina Jeffries books that I haven t read It made my reading very choppy and unplesant trying to piece together what was going on.2 Sex scenes with words like dewy pearl in them Ick.That is only 2 reasons, but there were other things that bothered me Your milage may vary. What I learned from this book To be honest in your relationships, no lies no secrets, put each other first.I almost gave this book a 3 which is unusual for me Anything below a 3 to me means I probably did not finish reading it I really liked this series and that is why I did not give it a 3 I also liked Simon and wanted to hear about Simon and Louisa s story which started in the royal brotherhood series with Regina Simon s sister and Draker Louisa s brother Louisa got on my nerves.I don t think Sabrina Jeffries could have added one thing or anyone else in the plot to be against Simon and Louisa s relationship or in their way to keep them from actually loving one another Let s see There was his banishment from Englandpast hurts done to one anothereach had their own political aspirationslies and deceptions concerning one another and political gainher brotherhis monkeyhis secrets from childhoodher father s Prinny meddlingher half sister s death in childbirthher secretwomen s contraceptivesarrogancepridea former whore from a brothela dead grandfather s perverse nature pushed on his grandson and his dead grandfather s voice in his the heroes head.I found it a little much Why have a relationship against all these odds It took the whole book to work it all out I felt there was no time to enjoy their new found love for one another.Thankfully most historical romance stories are not quite so exhausting. note to self avoid this book Louisa North has vowed never to marry Seven years ago she met and fell in love with Simon Tremaine, the Duke of Foxmoor But when she learned that he was just trying to further his position with the king, she had him banished to India Now he is back in London and determined to court her Simon has once again made a deal with the King He must marry Louisa and keep her and her Ladies Group from furthering their political agenda But as he gets to know Louisa and learns of her prison reform plan, he ponders how to keep both Louisa and the King happy.This is the second book in Sabrina Jeffries School for Heiresses series This book quickly drew me into the story, but at some point it seemed to stall Louisa and Simon were both appealing characters, but I had a hard time with Simon trying to further his agenda at her expense again and again When would he learn Some of the politics in the story became tedious I did like the trips to see the conditions in the prison I also liked some of the secondary characters who were first introduced in some of Jeffries previous books My rating 3.5 Stars. 3 5 Stars At the base of it, this book is about two extremely flawed characters who use tools such as seduction, manipulation, backroom deals, lies and deceit to get what they want from each other The fact that they love each other, or even have feelings for each other takes a backseat The feeling of owning of the other and having power over them seems to precede a healthy, loving relationship And while this may be true of many real life relationships, it s definitely not what I want to read in a romance Which is my basic problem with this book I ve spent close to 3 days trying to decide how I feel about this book, and the conclusion I ve reached is that it s nothing great but nothing terrible to make my blood boil either And yet, too many aspects of the book didn t sit right with me, so I ll simply state what worked for me and what didnt More than half a decade ago, Simon the Duke of Foxmoor was asked by the King to court or pretend to court his illegitmate daughter Louisa They shared a connection, albeit one neither expected but were quick to supress the same when it was learnt that Simon acted only on the King s orders In her anger, 17 year old Louisa had him banished to India and Simon chose to leave rather than marrying her 7 years later, Simon is back and hailed as a great war hero, and the greatest Governor General of India and within the first 10% of the book the King has once again convinced Simon to get Louisa to marry him, simply to put her political actions down We spend some considerable time on his accomplisments in the rural, backward and desparately divided India and I swear to god it made me want to whack someone The greatest angst of Simon s life comes from a Maratha revolution that occured in Poona incidently where I currently live lol and how innocent lives were lost and he wasn t able to do anything While I get this as a trope and it s been done before many times, I m Indian, and I know all about the colonialism and Maratha Uprising to know what the Britisher s weren t no innocent standby s who tried to intervene They used their proven trick of divide and rule and ensured the only ones to come out of the situation profitable were them So ugh, I m going to keep aside the British sided description of Colonialism here because that s not the point of the book but it definitely made me wish people treated history with a bit tact Back to the story We see that both Simon and Louisa desire each other a lot, but that s about it Simon wishes to never desire a woman so much so that she has power over him, and Louisa is worried that she s a wanton just like her mother These tropes while perhaps overused seemed okay to me, because there was enough backstory to make it believable What made it difficult for me to invest in the relationship was the tools that Simon used to get her to marry him, or what it really seemed to own her Seduction is how he gets her to give in to him, to the point where he comprimises her knowing full well that her brother will see them That s just disgusting And while all this is happening, all the inner monologues for Simon show us that he wants to continue supressing all emotions for her, keep her to the woman who he will bed and will bear his child And he has plans to quash her policital plans to put up her own candidate for house It was some underhanded macho shit if I ve ever seen one Louisa is better, but still not enough Her reasoning for half the things falls flat and I couldn t see anything beyond her lust for him Love comes into the picture way way way too late Conflicts between them are dealt with within a minute, and they re back to using sex against each other to get their way She continues to lie to him about her greatest fear, and uses sponges to stop a pregnancy and I d just had enough Flawed characters are my favorite, but these weren t flawed characters they were manipulative, back handed and deceptive characters Who basically seem to deserve one another The still higher rating is because I liked the writing style and will give this author another go But this was a fail. I m givin a star just for the monkey Raji was pretty cute.I have re discovered Jeffries, and I find that generally, her books are really quite enjoyable But I have found that when she veers off into the weird psycho sexual daddy or in this case, grand daddy issues, the books are terrible The writing becomes distinctly overwrought and downright unpleasant In scenes that I think were supposed to evoke sympathy, I found myself laughing and rolling my eyes instead Training indeed Another example of this unfortunate theme can be found in her Let Sleeping Rogues Lie Beyond that though, none of the characters are particularly likeable Louisa is okay, but nothing memorable Simon is a jerk, and a violent tempered one at that His personality 180 at the end was too abrupt and totally unrealistic The politics and prison reform concept was interesting, if a bit clunky at times I suppose this one is worth reading if you want to complete the series, but it s definitely a library check out I m glad I didn t waste any money on this one.