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Awe sniffles I wanna pass out and be re awakened by Jonah sighs Elle is intrigued and very well interested in her neighbor Jonah Jonah lives in the apartment above hers,they run into each other almost everyday while retrieving their mail But never once spoke to one another There s something about Jonah she can t quite put her finger on.All she cares is that her, Blue Eyed Neighbor swoons her with just his presence I d wanna jump on him the minute he says Hi too I got all hot and bothered when he finally drops his shield and interacts with Elle I gotta admit, I was shocked and relieved Lol Her fantasies about this Man are blush worthy Just think, tattoos,muscular,quiet,shy,he plays the guitar magical fingers, Lolz and an artists good with hands haha Elle only notices his outer shell and not what s within She s on a mission to satisfy her crush and there s only one way to cure it, to have sex with Jonah Elle and Jonah are destined for one another Their relationship starts off with lust and hot smexin Then they realize, There s to their relationship, so they take it down a notch or try and become friends Jonah is a tortured man with his own Demons.Which causes, rejections,tears,heartache and distance between them Does Elle really want this kind of baggage in a man Is it worth it Can she handle it Can she bring him back to reality Can she show Jonah how much in life he s missing out on Can he forgive himself and move forward These are all questions that reveal so much about Jonah,you will feel the need to wanna cuddle him and try to fix him But you can t fix someone who doesn t want fixing, right Well Elle proves to be one stubborn women, she doesn t give up till she says it over There are no rules, it s just all about taking one step at time.When Jonah pushes her away,she fights back There s only one problem, there s only so much a woman could take from a man she s falling in love with.Do they make it together through thick and thin at the end Is there an HEA Well, I know the answer but I m not telling waving answer in air If you found my review thoughts interesting enough, go get a copy and read it I ll just give you one hint, Cherish those you love,you ll be surprised with the outcome This review can also be reviewed at Energetic, Independent Elle Has Found Her Weakness In The Shy, Reclusive, Young Man Next Door Jonah Quinn Is Withdrawn For Good Reason He Harbors A Dark Secret Can One Night Of Passion Between The Two Of Them Lead To Than Casual Glances Exchanged At Their Mailboxes Will Elle Be Strong Enough To Help Jonah With His Personal Demons And Will Jonah Break His Silence Regarding A Past That Haunts Him The Rules For This Relationship Are Unwritten A Story Of Longing, Love, And Forgiveness Rating Clarification 3.5 StarsUnwritten Rules by M.A Stacie appeared to be a promising and engaging novel, but unfortunately it wasn t as great as I thought it would be I was hoping for something a little better and a little captivating Overall, I felt the story was missing something magical to make this book great rather than just okay In Unwritten Rules, Elle and Jonah jump feet first into a sudden relationship after several chance meetings in their apartment complex and an obvious attraction between the two Their beginning proves to be too much too fast and Elle finds herself in over her head when she peals away the layers of her quiet, shy neighbor Jonah Quinn.There were a couple of issues I had with the main character Elle I didn t care for the way she accused Jonah of being on drugs when he had clearly explained it was prescribed medication for an illness It was almost like she chose to ignore his truthful confession and brand him as a bad boy Sure he had a lot of issues, but being a druggie wasn t one of them I also felt that Elle was sort of rude and dismissive to her older neighbor Mrs Kindle She was such a sweet lady that only showed concern for Elle and she chose to treat her as a pesky neighbor So in the end, I really couldn t connect or care too much for Elle As far as Jonah Quinn, he proves that there is a fine line between hot mess and delicate, unstable chore I do give credit to Elle for sticking by his side, because I surely would have run for the hills and not looked back Overall, this story had potential, but it fell slightly short of winning me over Not completely disappointed, just not awed in any form or fashion Well this officially closes out my 2011 reading list Not a bad year. I took a deep breath, toying with my keys again, before blurting out, Do you have my pussy Oh God, cat Do you have my cat 2 StarsThis book was soooo repetitive I don t know how many times the same subject came up or the same lines were said but just in different orders I thought I was going crazy at first and I kept trying to go back pages to make sure the text wasn t just cut and re pasted Now don t get me wrong it wasn t a terrible book but it needed workSundays became my least favorite day of the week There was no mail Elle and Jonah are neighbors and have been tiptoeing around each other for ages when they go to get their mail each day Until one day a certain situation forces them to interact I felt like Jonah was bipolar, his mood swings were insane One minute he was shy and couldn t stop blushing the next he is being cruel and telling Elle to get out, he has a lot of emotional baggage so I could understand once or twice but not the tenth time, it got old very quickly Elle wasn t much better, she would be understanding and give him space to work out some of his problems then 5 minutes later demand why he wasn t opening up to her, at times she was extremely insensitive and annoying.But when they got their relationship right it was extremely sweet and I loved them together even if it was a little cliche at times Now I love emotional drama in books but this book I was sighing in frustration and than eager for them to make up and quite whining And don t get me started on J.J her supposed best friend, pffffft what a laugh She was manipulate and nasty towards Elle when she s trying to explain her relationship problems and forced her to go on a date with some guy she really wasn t interesting in If I had a friend like that I would bitch slap some sense into her No offense to those who enjoyed the book but I really could have done without it. 01 14 2017 Jonah Quinn HeroElle HeroineI LOVED the premise, but I think the execution of the book was poor The heroine stated that she wanted to have a one night stand to get over Jonah, but after Jonah and she had sex, she was mad that she shared a part of her body, but he would not share his secret Elle got on my nerves I did not have to hear about how active she was with other men or how she brought two other men to her childhood bedroom Stuff like that did not have to be mentioned which I felt repeatedly I get itElle was NOT a virgin Elle and her BFF were two of the most annoying women I don t like that Elle told J.J her BFF Jonah s secret A secret he had only told one other person It was not her secret to tell even if she needed to talk to someone For a 30 year old women, Elle was immature and self righteous The author wanted to make her appear as this loving, caring, and thoughtful person, but after finishing this book, I felt it was an act One word FAKE I wanted J.J and her to go away.Jonah was this tortured soul, but I just did not feel anything for him by the time he told his secret I lost my connection to everyone by the time Elle forced the secret out of him The sex verbiage was redundant.I loved the premise and the way the heroine and hero was should have made them likable, but I just could not connect I regret paying the.99 and wasting my precious reading time My opinion You may love this one 01 06 17 Looks like the price of this is.99 I am going to read this one now Taking a chance by not reading a sample and simply clicking buy.08 2015 9.49 on for kindle version A bit pricey. Oh be still my beating heart Jonah Quinn yet another fictional character to fictionally fall for Fantastic book with an actual resolution It is sometimes nice to have the instant gratification of a satisfactory beginning, middle and end in one book rather than having to enforce delayed gratification over a series such as in twilight FSOG crossfire etc Saying that, come on M.A Stacie JQ novels please Oh God, help me is right Jonah and Elle have an electric connection that will pull you in immediately and leave you gasping for Despite his overt darkness, Jonah s allure is palpable and we are swept up along with Elle, and find ourselves eagerly urging them along even as we see the potential for heartbreak Jonah s quiet nature, beautifully inked skin, and heroic nature cast him as a man worthy of the very graphic novels he creates Add to that a talent as a dark, sexy night club singer and we find ourselves vibrating as deeply as one of his guitar strings.Elle s equally quiet, but amazingly insightful and compassionate nature is the perfect complement, the light to his dark, the hope for his despair, and together they are than the sum of their individual parts The story has you jumping in head first to an intensely captivating journey into Jonah s mysterious past We start to fall in love with these two just as quickly as they fall for each other We yearn to know just who Jonah Quinn is and just what it is about his mercurial moods we find so attractive His initial shyness will suck you in before his commanding strength keeps you yearning for and filling you with the same wanton abandon as the characters To sum it up in a few words, I found it raw, passionate, tortured, hopeful and deliciously erotic This is definitely a story that fills the reader with an almost tangible excitement from the start. Let me start off by saying that I liked this book, for the most part I disliked the heroine, Elle immensely I thought she was immature, a bit shallow and pretty much unlikable from about chapter three on Please don t let that stop you from reading, Jonah than makes up for her He is a true tortured hero with a painful past that puts him in self exile from everyone who loves him His only real way of coping is through medication I really tried to understand the reason behind Elle s behavior regarding Jonah s secrets She was so contradictory at times She begs him to tell her his past and what causes the pain When he opens up a little, she never seems to like the answer or the way he tells her She runs several times after he tells her something note to self don t beg someone to revel a horrible part of their past and say oh you can trust me I ll understand , then run away when he gives you what you wanted and takes your words of trust at face value Not a good way to earn the trust He gives her a letter trying to explain everything He bares his soul in the only way he knows how, and she slaps him down because it is not how she wanted him to tell her Really, that is all you have to say Jonah tells her up front that he is not a people person and that relationships are hard for him He is honest with her and all she can say is that he is lame for feeling that way and he hurt her.HUH, it s not about you Get over yourself would you please She manages to almost ruin the book for me BUT and it is a big BUT, there is a turning point when the couple leaves NYC, Elle seems to grow up a little and stops the petulant little girl routine I began to see her for the successful 30 yr old web designer she was supposed to be Instead of belittling Jonah for not giving her the answers she wants, she basically tells him that yes you made a horrible mistake, but you are worthy of forgiveness It is up to him to go and get that forgiveness from the people he hurt She becomes his rock, his support system and he begins to forgive himself and allows himself the love he is worthy of Elle does a bit of a turn around, she redeems herself and in the end this story made me smile It is a dark tale of redemption and starting over, and how love makes the impossible seem possible Ok, so I read this book and it was so hard So, so, so hard God, this guy Jonah I don t know what to think about it He s been hurting and torturing himself for TEN effing YEARS That s just too long to suffer for an accidental mistake The book was so emotional and heart wrenching And the girl Elle You Have My Deepest Respect woman I ask myself the question Would I have been strong enough and willing enough to keep pushing, to keep going and trying to stay with him and help him I honestly don t know But Elle is a true example of a person who would stick to the one she truly cares about, one who is not a family to you but a neighbor, a friend, someone you fell in love with despite all his vulnerability, devastation and complexity This is not just a story about falling in love, it s a story about getting to know that person, his flaws and weaknesses, a story about mistakes we make in our life and how one moment decides it all, but above all it s a story about forgiveness and acceptance and loving a person unconditionally.Forget that Jonah is a hot, tattooed musician and artist, that is not important that doesn t make the relationship work he s a person who needed love, care, patience and a little boost He needed Elle And he got her PS view spoiler Oh my God, how much I cried about that part with Quinn in a wheelchair I mean he was put in a wheelchair as what A 7, 8 year old And he s now a teenager still in a wheelchair That Is so hard God and especially when he said It s difficult for you to really grasp it, he started,breaking into my thoughts I m still a kid, but there is stuff Ithink about Things I can t help but think about The future scares me, Elle His voice became low, and he hid his face from me No one is going to love me the way you love my brother No words needed Shit S hide spoiler Not that this book wouldn t be good for some people, I prefer my books to be realistic The characters didn t seem real and some of the things they said were just unlike what a normal person would say Do you have my pussy Oh God, cat Do you have my cat Really Who would say that Elle was just annoying, I thought She nagged constantly and wouldn t leave Jonah alone about his past I don t see how that helped him view spoiler She has had casual sex with him a whopping number of two times, and finds pills in his cabinet that are not under his name She then demands an answer from him and when he won t give one to her other than that they are his pills and are legal, she leaves and collapses on her floor in tears hide spoiler