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Once I started this book, I couldn t put it down I worried that I wouldn t like this book because the description didn t instantly grab me but I had nothing to worry about This was classic Mathewson I loved Edward and Dana as a couple They had great chemistry and were a great team This is one time that there wasn t much of a friendship before the couple got together and as much as I ve enjoyed that in the past R.L Mathewson books, the lack of friendship worked here Don t get me wrong, there was a friendship that was built up before they admitted their feelings to each other, but it wasn t anything like the previous books Edward was great with Dana s kids, Cole and Elizabeth, a natural father It was nice to see him take to the kids so quickly and care about their happiness and welfare I loved the scene where Edward met Jeff for the first time You could clearly see who the kids father figure was For me, this ranks up at the top of Mathewson s books In a way, it was refreshing that even with all the crap Dana and Edward went through, they had no breakups There were no separations due to miscommunications or male stupidity I kept expecting something to happen to tear them apart but I was pleased that they stayed together From start to finish this book was action packed and drama filled I can t remember the last time a fictional couple had to go through so much before they got their HEA, while staying together Overall, this was an extremely enjoyable book that kept me hooked long into the night until I finished the book view spoiler And here is Edward as I saw him Initially, when Edward was described I had a mental picture of Robert Pattinson particularly because the Mathewson made a point of describing Edward s hair, this is what I pictured And for the hair hide spoiler UNPOPULAR OPINION ALERT I do really like this author and have enjoyed almost everything she has written that I read Maybe this was written early in her career, or maybe it just suckedbut either way IT SUCKED This is a case where a book is SAFE But safe is not my only requirement for a book I like a good story, with characters I can get behind, who develop, something interesting happens, it is written well or at least ok and maybe even edited My standards are not too high, but they do exist.So what was my problem I HATED Dana Yep HATED She was PERFECT everyone worshiped her, wanted to fuck her, she had the best body in the world after 2 kids was the most gorgeous, the best mom, yada, yada, yada I wanted to gag Plus I had to hear about it all the freakin time To me she was a selfish, spoiled BITCH and a terrible mother Always doing her own thing I am sure kids want to grow up having all of their friends see their mother s tits and ass in the movies no body double because you know she has a perfect body She never once thought about the kids or Edward Just did her own thing I definitely would want to know little boys everywhere are using my Maxim photo spread for their spank bank Listen I am no prude but her thought patterns went from me, myself to I Never to anyone else She treated the hero like dirt I hated how she treated him She disregarded his feelings all the time view spoiler like how dare he be upset that she is driving a motorcycle while PREGNANT hide spoiler I just have to say that this book is lucky R.L Mathewson knows hot to write funny scenes, because without them I would give it 2 stars.I tried to love it, and it didn t work Then I tried to really like it, and that didn t work either I just liked it.Reasons spoiler alert For me, the most important one The characters I just couldn t connect to them, at all They met early in the novel, and soon after fell in love You get to read that love, but you just can t feel it I just read them to see how they were going to end, with not much interest to it.The story well, there wasn t an actuall story here There are a series of misfortunate events through the entire book, loads of them, that have no purpose whatsoever, maybe just so something would be happening all the time There were bombs , gun threats, papparazzis, crazy fans oh there were like 10 crazy fans attacks in here rolls eyes , a rape attempt, a car accident, someone trying to get their sex life on the net several times XD, the heroine having a baby in the set of a movie and so on and so on I don t know, usually those heavy situations are there to get the main characters emotionally together, or apart, it depends Here they had no role, they just happened, and the H h just got through them all In the end, there was no happy feeling like aww they made it together, all s good All has been good with them from page 50 or so, emotionally and their relationship stayed the same throughout the book There was just one scene where I could actually FEEL Edward and his emotions for Dana, and that was after the attempted rape on her That was the only emotional scene here Sometimes you can read I love you a million times and it doesn t make you believe it or feel it.There were a few really funny scenes, the dialogue was cute sometimes, and for that I ll give it 3 stars, but I m so sorry this didn t work for me, because I really really loved the Neighbors from hell 3.5 stars There wasn t much to the plot other than pure fluff but I still kind of enjoyed it Loved the hilarity and the little boy COLE.The kids were seriously cute Felt like it lacked a bit of R.L s magical touch toughSlightly disappointed. It pains me to do this, because I m such a huge fan of R.L Mathewson Her Neighbor from Hell books are some of my favourites, but this book just did not work for me It s the story of Dana, an unhappily married woman with two young children who finds the strength to leave her douche husband, finds success and fame, meets the hottest actor in Hollywood and the two of them fall in mad love It sounds like a great read, but there were just too many unrealistic and OTT moments in this book that had me rolling my eyes and it killed the story for me.Firstly, Dana is totally a Mary Sue character She s sweet and polite to everybody all the time, everybody she meets falls in instant love with her, and everything she does is simply amazing She publishes 6 books in one year, which are so well loved that she is recognised by obsessed fans in the street She is cast as the lead in a movie without an audition or any acting experience And then, before that movie is even released, she s cast as the lead in a second movie, with a 15 million paycheck, four days before filming beings Oh, and apparently the sexiest, most beautiful woman in the world.And then there are the OTT elements her ex isn t just a douche, he s a douche of epic proportions, her babysitter is possibly the worst on the planet, and her and Edward s experience with stalkers and the paparazzi is TOTALLY extreme verbal abuse, physical assault, break ins, attempted rape, attempted murder, another sex tape, it just goes on and on And they are so accepting of it all They just brush it off and move on And when Edward calls up a live radio talk show and discusses his sex life with Dana live on the air seriously, WTF , and all she can say is you sound sexy on the radio , I almost stopped the book right there.In actual fact, I was listening to it as an audiobook Had I read it, I probably would have DNF d.The book is not actually a story, but like a series of events that happen to these characters Yes, it s Dana and Edward falling in love and their life together, but each incident happens, is dealt with, and then we move on to the next incident There s no flow to it On the positive side, I liked Edward, I thought his love for Dana and his commitment to his family particularly to the kids was absolutely gorgeous And their relationship is super functional Even with all that they are dealing with, there is no relationship drama But even that wasn t enough to save this book for me I really want to 1 star this book, but for the sake of Edward, and the steamy scenes, I m giving it 2 But only just. Dana knew that her life had come to a impasse, an unhappy marriage and two beautiful children who need unconditional love When her novel is accepted she sees this as the opportunity she has been waiting for, she moves to California and begins a new life filled with love and acceptance Now she has hit the big time but she still remains the tenderhearted woman she always has been and raises her children with a normalcy that is rare in Hollywood.Hot Hollywood star Edward can t believe he has the script for his favorite book in front of him, what s better he has just signed on to play the lead in the movie Edward is enchanted the moment he meets Dana, she is down to earth and beautiful and doesn t seem the least bit interested in letting fame take over her life If his crush wasn t apparent enough, the minute he sees her with her children he knows she is the one Now he has to figure out how to ask her out in order to make her a permanant fixture in his life.This was a charming read, it does not have the humor the Neighbor series does but it still is a compelling read It was kind of like you were looking through a window of someones life and watching Dana get swept off her feet reread Just as good the second time. WHY THE FUCK HAVEN T I READ THIS EARLIERI am so fucking furious at myself This book is like perfect Ok, Imagine this your favorite author and your favorite movie star together, YES Thats how amazing this book was I loved each and every scene of this book, each and every character, each drama scene, each twist and turn R.L Mathewson sure as hell does no how to write some damn fabulous books I think I have at least 4 5 of here books on my favorite shelf Damn woman Her writing style is brilliant, you fall in love with the story, character and the plot The book totally compels you I stayed awake the whole night finishing this book in one sitting Dana, Strong passionate woman, who loves endlessly without reservations or bounds Edward, Strong super hot amazingly wonderful man, so protective and amazing Cole I love youuuuuuuu I seriously feel like a creep because I always end up loving the kid the mostHe slipped the man a hundred dollar bill In a few minutes make sure we re stuck up there for a good five to ten minutes The man took the money and winked at him You got it, buddy There are a lot of elements of the story that I like Two days later and I am still imagining Cole and his two twin brothers walking around shirtless cause that s what their dad or real men do Little moments like this make the book What this book needs is an editor It was long for the content, it was choppy, especially in the beginning The beginning was not good with the introduction of Dana and her soon to be ex husband and previous lovers It was flat and could have been sharpened and R.L Mathewson is a sharp writer Dana s transformation was amazing but amazing is that she is a Maxim model, famous actress, top tier author, vixen, enchanting friend, great mother, triathalon athlete, etc Too much, really too much Someone should have just put the brakes on and said, yes this is a great book and you write warm charming moments, let s break this down and not do EVERYTHING I am guessing that maybe this was an early work but Mathewson s also Dana s last name writing style definitely tightens up over time.Last mention Please don t make the first couple of female character s names so similar I spent a fair amount of time trying to keep Dana and her assistant Deanna separate. After Wasting Too Many Years On The Wrong Guy, Dana Frees Herself And Her Two Children To Live Her DreamWhen She S Forced To Deal With Paparazzi, Offers From Porn Companies, Magazines, Hollywood And Crazed Fans Dana Does Everything She Can To Keep It Together For Her Kids She Never Dreamed She D Catch The Eye Of The Most Sought After Bachelor In The World Things Like That Just Didn T Happen To Women Like Her, Or Did They Having A Life What The Hell Was That Edward Couldn T Remember What It Felt Like To Live His Own Life Without Someone Watching His Every Move Thanks To The Paparazzi And The Internet Nothing In His Life Was Sacred Out Of Desperation To Keep Some Semblance Of A Life He Stops Living His Own His Family And Work Are All He Has Left Until He S Made An Offer He Simply Can T Resist Working With The Famous Author Forces Him To Open His Heart And Take A Chance Winning The Heart Of The Woman He Loves While The World Watches Is Anything But Easy, But He Never Thought It Would Be Dangerous His Only Hope Is That They Get Through It Togetherd Alive Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.I m unsure where to start with this I ve never read a book by this author despite several people telling me I just had to I m wondering what all the hype was about I m really hoping this book is not an accurate representation of this author s work, or I m going to really start questioning my friends judgment A Humble Heart was just ludicrous The only reason I m giving it than one star is the fact that I couldn t put it down, and that was because I was constantly wondering what absolutely ridiculous situation these two were going to be put into next Seriously bombs, gun shots, car chases, attempted rape, crazed fans, intrusive media, sex tapes and recordings, unplanned pregnancy, vengeful ex s, life changing household accidents, deadly car accidents, and asshat parents all in one story It s simply too much Even with all that, there was very little plot It was like reading a series of short stories, each intense and absurd than the one before it, connected only by the main characters The characters were okay I guess If you don t mind the uber perfect Dana No joke, this girl is apparently the BOMB She went from bored, overweight housewife to the hot as hell, rich as Midas, unbelievably famous, bestselling author and actress in the period of a year, oh and she manages to grab the Hollywood heartthrob, stud of the century, Edward, as well Yeah, uh huh, okay She s so perfect, she TRIPLE majored in college, saved a little boy from a gun wielding maniac, pulled herself and her of course unbelievably perfect children out of a loveless marriage and bad home life, plowed head first into fortune and fame and managed to stay humble as apple pie the whole time Oh, did I mention she also donates very large amounts to several charities and does so anonymously AND she always seems to be able to pull together an array of refreshments for the police whenever they swing by Yeah, she s great A total Kate Upton meets Martha Stewart insert eyeroll here Now Edward, here s what we know about him He s hot That about sums it up.Their relationship was kinda insta love based on the fact that Dana is perfect and Edward is hot I mean, yeah that s totally long lasting relationship material I never really saw how they fell in love, it just kind of was One minute they are coworkers, they share a kiss and BANG they re deep into a relationship and calling each other boyfriend girlfriend It was awkward Overall, I would say don t bother with this one Unless you want to feed your masochistic side.