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One Of The Greatest Pacific War Stories Never Told On April , , Ten American Prisoners Of War And Two Filipino Convicts Nicknamed The Davao Dozen Executed A Daring Escape From One Of Japan S Most Notorious Prison Camps Called The Greatest Story Of The War In The Pacific By The War Department In , The Full Account Has Never Been Told Until Now A Product Of Years Of In Depth Research, John D Lukacs S Gripping Description Of The Escape Brings This Remarkable Tale To Life In This Remarkable Contribution To The Realm Of WWII POW Narrative, Lukacs Describes The Dramatic Escape For A New Generation To Admire The Resourcefulness And Patriotism Of The Men Who Fought In The Pacific Like The Event It Covers, Escape From Davao Is Unique You Are Holding In Your Hands The Story Of The Only Successful American Group Escape From A Japanese Camp James Bradley, Author Of Flags Of Our Fathers

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    I ve been off Goodreads for a couple of months Being on a payroll and balancing a family, project work, and a new smart phone haven t left much time for pontificating here But I have kept reading, and I ll try to catch up with recommendation of John D Lukacs first book, Escape From Daveo is astounding to me as a 30 year reader of WWII history in that it s a story I ve never heard 12 American enlisted men and officers, with help from Phillipino guerillas and resistance members, escaped from a Japanese prison camp in the middle of a malarial swamp in Mindanao They make their way behind resistance lines and eventually are rescued Several returned to America to tell of the atrocities committed by the Japanese army against ally prisoners Because of timing, politics, and the vagueries of a willfully censored press, the story of whole thing was kept in a can until it was released as an attempt to sell war bonds, well after the men had risked their lives to get the word out.The first half of the book, detailing the siege and surrender of Bataan and Corregidor, the Bataan death march, prison camps, hell ships, and day to day live at Depecol Daveo Penal Colony are harrowing Thousands of American boys were executed summarily, humiliated, tortured, starved and generally dehumanized The fact that a dozen men were able to find each other and say hell no, we re getting out of here is a great testament to human determination If you liked Papillon , this will be right up your alley.The second half of the book, dealing with the American response of everyone from MacArthur and Roosevelt to leading journalists and allies, is maddening The news in America used to be managed by the government, not the corporations, so news of the Daveo escape was held back until allies and army intelligence could maneuver, and until it would have maximum effect on war bond sales to pay for the expected invasion of Japan.It s a quick read, and it has a raft of little known WWII history about the Phillipines and the American Phillipino resistance to the Japanese Imperial Army I understand now how people of a certain age elderly at this point kept buying Chevys and Fords, never bought a Honda or Mitsubishi.

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    I am usually not a fan of military stories BUT having lived in the Philippines and visiting Corrigedor and other WWII battle sites, I was determined to try and read this account At one point, I was so horrified and upset by the descriptions of what went on in the POW camps, that I couldn t sleep and was determined to not finish the book However, I prevailed and couldn t put the book down as I read of their planning and escape and then the about the politics of the American government to keep the story quiet until it was to the Government s advantage to release the details There are parts that become a bit complicated with details but you can quickly read those parts and not lose the thread of the story.

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    An excellent, well researched history The book is three things, a history of the atrocities surrounding the Bataan death march in WWII, a terrific POW escape story, and an interesting discussion of why the US government was so reticent to release the Bataan and POW stories coming out of the Pacific theater If you liked Hampton Sides s Ghost Soldiers, you ll enjoy this book.

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    This is a true story of heroes real heroes I cannot imagine going through the trials that these brave men suffered Many of the details of the horrific battles in the South Pacific were eye openers to me especially the treatment these men were given by FDR and General MacArthur.If you choose to read this book, it will make you very sad at times, and if you are like me you will not leave unaffected I just have to say I partly agree with Brokaw The generation that fought World War Ii and that includes those who sacrificed at home in various ways were, indeed, among our greatest generations The men in this story prove it.

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    This is an incredible story, and you will be inspired by the will and resourcefulness of all of the escapees The physical and mental strain these guys must have experienced is unimaginable I enjoy the stories about how they managed to sneak around and snatch what the needed, and how the hid their supplies I ve read a few prison and POW escape stories, but this one is particularly exciting because the terrain is so alien and challenging I celebrated all of their successes along the way There were many no waaaay moments, but I m not going to include any spoilers A brilliantly told story, and a most enjoyable read.

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    This was a terrific war story engaging and well paced The storytelling was almost as fluid as a novel However this wasn t fiction the horrors the book described were real, and real people suffered through them In addition, the book raises some serious moral issues about the government s reluctance to allow the escapees to tell their stories to the public, until it was convenient Recently, we seem to see government behavior during WWII through rose tinted glasses, and this book helps dispel that picture a little.

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    Dad said this was real good but parts of it were very hard to read because the stuff they went through was so awful He had been to most of the places mentioned in the book the Philippines, Singapore when he was in the Navy during Vietnam.

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    I read this book on vacation this year and what these men went through was no vacation It s not light reading by any stretch of the imagination, but the story moves very quickly If you like suspense novels with historical foundations, it s the book for you.

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    Excellent book We don t hear about the Philippines during WW II, because it was a shameful thing to leave so many Americans behind to face the advancing and brutal Japanese Many of them died horrible deaths This book tells the story of the only group of POW s to make it out of the Davao prison camp in the Philippines Escape was 99% impossible because Davao was surrounded by a dangerous swamp, and most people that attempted either died or were captured These men not only made it out, but went on to cause the Japanese some serious grief Up to this point, the public had no idea what had happened to the fighting men in the Philippines when MacArthur left and the Japanese invaded What is shocking is the extreme censorship of the day, but understanding that era is a big help to understand why a lid was kept on the story of the Philippines This is a well researched book, and just about every paragraph has a link in the Kindle edition should you want to go directly to the footnote and read the source Bittersweet ending but I loved reading the epilogue to find out what the boys did after the war.

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    The subtitle says a lot about this book forgotten and daring It is an epic true story of the brutal reality endured by the survivors of Japan s overthrow of U.S forces on the Bataan Peninsula and the only successful escape by americans from a Japanese prisoner of war camp in the Philippines Lukacs succeeds in honoring the real life heroes, most of whom perished at the hands of their inhumane captors, and those very few who risked everything to escape to freedom There are literally hundreds of real life characters in this tragedy, yet Lukacs manages to put flesh on nearly every back story and provides a strong sense that they were our fathers, sisters, brothers, classmates and neighbors Sheesh Did I just call it a tragedy Make no mistake, it is a triumphant replete with determination against the impossible but in the end triumph came for few, and so late Honor them the survivors and fallen alike their sacrifice was for the just freedoms we enjoy in their absence read it and remember.