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If You Struggle With Correcting Some Of Your Golden Retriever S Bad Habits And Behaviors But Don T Know Where To Begin, Then Keep Reading Do You Feel Like You Ve Made Several Training Mistakes That Have Ingrained Bad Habits And Behaviors Into Your Golden Retriever Has It Been Weeks Or Months Of Trying To Correct Bad Behaviors And Your Furry Friend Continues To Give You A Hard Time Is Having Guests Over At Your House An Ordeal Because Of Your Undisciplined Dog If So, Then You Ve Come To The Right Place Just Remember, You Are Not Alone On This Journey Even Though You Made Mistakes That Resulted In Your Golden Retriever S Bad Habits, Correcting Your Golden Retriever S Bad Habits Doesn T Have To Be Complicated In Fact, It S A Lot Easier Than You Think According To Several Dog Training Experts, There Are A Lot Of Mistakes That Many Dog Owners Make When Raising Their Canine Which Means, You Can Effectively Correct Your Goldie And Avoid Future Mistakes, If You Implement The Strategies Taught In This Book Here Is Just A Tiny Fraction Of What You Will DiscoverShocking Mistakes That Many Golden Retriever Owners Make And How You Can Prevent And Avoid Them Golden Retriever Specific Information Not Found In Most Popular Dog Training Books Out There Why A Widely Used Discipline Tactic Will Negatively Impact Your Training And Relationship With Your Golden Retriever One Revolutionary And Effective Training Method That Can Dramatically Improve Your Relationship With Your Golden Retriever Achieve Massive Results In Your Dog Training Using This One Proven Time Management Hack, Even If You Have A Hectic Schedule How Making Your Dog Bark Can Help Your Dog Become Quiet A Startling Mistake ThatPercent Of Dog Owners Make And How You Can Avoid This Pitfall And Be In The TopPercent A Popular Contraption Used To Train Your Dog And Why Only Using This Can Negatively Impact Your Training Why Practice Doesn T Always Make Perfect When Training Your Golden Retriever A Simple, Yet Powerful Technique Used By Some Of The Top Dog Experts To Efficiently Train Your Golden Retriever And Much, Much Take A Second To Imagine How You Will Feel Once You Have Developed Better Techniques To Raise Your Golden Retriever And How Your Friends Will React When Your Goldie Rapidly Improves Its Behavior, Eliminates Bad Habits, And Obeys Commands Within A Short Time So, Whether You Are A New Golden Retriever Owner Or An Experienced One, You Can Benefit From Using The Strategies Taught In This Book If You Want To Be Known Among Your Family And Friends As The Golden Retriever Whisperer , Then Scroll Up And Click Add To Cart I returned the book I wouldn t recommend it to anyone.