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Are You Ready To Become The Greatest Version Of Yourself Are You Tired Of Being Bombarded By All These New Diet Fads That Simply Don T Work Have You Tried Losing Weight Before But Gave Up Because You Never Achieve Any Results Uncover The Science Of Long Term Sustainable Weight Loss That Has Been Proven To Work And Used Since Ancient Times I Reveal The Truth And The Insidious Secretes The Food Industry And Corporations Want To Hide From You In My Book I Go Straight To The Facts At Hand And Help You Understand Your Body At A Deeper Level And Teach You How To Leverage Wholefoods To Promote Weight Loss If Your Sick And Tired Of How You Look, Or Struggling With Poor Self Esteem, Then This Is Your Guide To Get You Back On Track And Have You Living YOUR Life In Abundance, And Achieve The Beach Body You Always Wanted And Deserve This Is Your Permanent Solution Designed To Produce Results I Ve Crafted Amazing Choice Wholefoods That Are Completely Organic And Natural, Savory Recipes, And Your Own Personalized Exercise Regiment That Works For Every Body Type Take This Time To Commit To ThisDay Challenge Where You Can Start Seeing Results And Transform The Way You Look What You Ll Learn My TopWholefoods ChapterThe Science Behind Intermittent Fasting Explained Amazing Savory Recipes ChapterPermanent Solutions Personalized Exercise Routines Ketogenic Diet Paleo Diet Mindful Eating How To Switch From Sugar Burning To Fat Burning Dark Secretes Of Food Manufactures Revealed And, Much, Much You Have Nothing To Lose, But Weight The Greatest Investment You Can Make Is An Investment In Yourself By Taking Charge Of Your Health And Lifestyle Choices Life Is Too Short As It Is So Why Not Live The Best Life You Possibly Can You Only Live Once So Take Charge Of Your Life Health ASAP Become The Greatest Version Of Yourself Now Bonus Not Only Do You Discover The Best Wholefoods To Use And Burn Fat And Learn How To Sculpt An Amazing Physique, But You Will Also Learn How Wholefoods, Nutritional Supplementation, And Fasting Can Improve And Essentially Reverse Almost Any Chronic Health Challenge You Suffer From Change Your Life Forever You Won T Regret It PLEASE NOTE When You Purchase This Title, The Accompanying PDF Will Be Available In Your Audible Library Along With The Audio Do not recommend There is absolutely no scientific value to the content of the book tbh, it sounds to me like the author basically never eats and has found a way to justify that by calling it intermittent fasting Aside from that, there are spelling and grammar mistakes all the way through not to mention the figures that look like they ve been copied and posted from Wikipedia and non existant references for scientific publications Don t waste your money I regret having wasted mine While there may be some value in the way of eating she promotes numerous books out there I was shocked at the total lack of editing in this book This little book is not cheap and I do mean little 5 X 7 , 172 pages of large print and lots of space It is filled with misspellings, incorrect usage regiment instead of regimen , your instead of you re , poor grammar, and recipes with no instructions and no indication of how many servings are intended None of the information is backed up with footnotes or science It is something she might have photocopied and sold out of the trunk of her car, but not through a reputable book dealer likeI will not keep this book in my house and will return it immediately. Self published No editing Poorly written NOT worth the price There are better books with same conceptshould bediscriminating.