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Another gem in the series How does this author succeed to pack so much useful information into his booklets is beyond me but, he most definitely pulls it off, time and again This tome is about the key determinants of success emotional intelligence and emotional literacy In today s interconnected, multicultural, and somewhat narcissistic world, it is not enough to be smart you need to read emotions yours and others and then leverage them with patience impulse control and empathy.The author helps you to test your EQ a measure of emotional intelligence akin to IQ and then plunges right into the fray He provides simple and practical tips and exercises in a variety of settings the workplace, family parenting , relationships, and health The language is elegant but not verbose, every issue distilled into a few packed but eminently readable and memorable paragraphs Incredible value for money A no brainer Sam Vaknin, author of Malignant Self love Narcissism Revisited. Our emotions have a mind of their own, one which can hold views quite independently of our rational mind Daniel Goleman Wise words to open a wise book.Author Eric Davenport states his reasons for writing this book in the Introduction Think of the last time you felt truly angry Not just a little annoyed, but utterly enraged What was it like Perhaps it was empowering, energizing, and resulted in rational decisions that made your life a whole lot better or not Chances are that, in the heat of the moment, you did or said something you later regretted Whether or not they care to admit it, most people allow themselves to become consumed by their emotions at some point Whether we feel too self conscious to meet up with friends, too distracted by a breakup to get on with our work, or too furious to hold a calm conversation with our parents, there s no doubt that our feelings have consequences To bespecific, our capacity to understand and express our emotions in a healthy way makes all the difference to our quality of life, the quality of our relationships, and even our career success Handling our emotions and those of other people takes a special kind of skill Unfortunately, this ability is overlooked in school Instead, our parents and teachers areinterested in helping us pass exams and memorizing facts and figures Most of us are familiar with the concept of intelligence,commonly known as IQ We often talk about smart people who make solving advanced equations, writing a novel, or completing a crossword look easy These people tend to do well at school They inspire envy in others To achieve an above average score on a standard IQ test is a badge of honor in our society But does IQ equal success If we go by popular wisdom, the answer is a resounding Yes On an intuitive level, it makes sense that smart people should do well, right But let s take a closer look at this assumption How many people do you know who achieved outstanding grades, yet never seemed to realize their full potential We re all familiar with the stereotypical geek or the shy nerd people who dazzle us with their intellectual brilliance, but never feel at ease in social situations or thrive in the workplace You probably have at least one friend or relative who chronically underachieves Everyone around them recognizes their IQ, but for some reason it never quite translates into all round success What can we conclude from this A high IQ might be a blessing, but it isn t enough There s another secret ingredient that separates high performing individuals from everyone else, and it isn t their academic prowess Introducing Emotional Intelligence Emotional Intelligence, put in simple terms, is our mind s ability to perceive, understand, manage, and apply emotions effectively in real life A very fine start and that level of involvement with the reader persists throughout this short but pungent book.Eric lists the characteristics of an emotionally intelligent person The ability to recognize one s own emotions The ability to relate to others emotions The ability to listen to others without judging them The ability to actively participate in interpersonal communication and understand the nonverbal cues of behavior The ability to control one s thoughts and feelings The ability to effectively manage emotions and express them in a socially acceptable way The ability to receive criticisms positively and be able to benefit from them The power to forgive, forget, and move on rationally.In the concise summary Eric states, Here s an outline of what you will find in Emotional Hacking We will use an E.Q test to define current level of your Emotional Intellect With the help of practical exercises, step by step, we will go through the typical challenges in various parts of human life and understand how to solve them with the help of Emotional Intelligence We will discuss professional life and talk about the road to success, what you can do to become a stronger leader and move up the ladder quickly We will talk about relationships and see what is that secret ingredient that is blocking the road to human happiness We will take a look at the parenting side of life How can you become a better mother father with the help of Emotional Intelligence Finally, we will also talk about health Do you know that your health strongly depends on how you manage your emotions We will learn how to improve it My final goal is to give you tools to succeed in your life Therefore, I would like to leave you with a set of easy to do self improvement exercises and a specially designed Emotional Intelligence improvement cheat sheet which you can use to check your progress.Easy to follow, usable guidance as is becoming the trademark of Eric Davenport s reputation as a mentor for guidance in working toward asatisfying life Grady Harp, October 18This book is free to borrow from Kindle Unlimited. Can You Become A Master Of Your Emotions Is It Possible To Become Truly Successful In Professional And Personal Life Just By Knowing How To Manage Your Emotional Intellect The Answer Is Yes The Key To Success Lies Within You Getting Fluent In The Language Of Emotions Is Guaranteed To Improve Your Life Be It At The Workplace, In Relationships, With Your Kids, Or Even With Regards To Your Health In This Book, I Will Not Attempt To Give You A Lecture On Emotional Intelligence There Are Enough Books Out There That Can Do This Instead, I Will Teach You The Basics Of Controlling And Hacking Your Emotions So That You Can Get From Your Life Here S An Outline Of What You Will Find In Emotional Hacking I Will Explain In Simple Terms What Emotional Intelligence EI Is Really All About We Will Use An EQ Test To Define The Current Level Of Your Emotional Intellect With The Help Of Practical Step By Step Exercises, We Will Go Through The Typical Challenges In Various Parts Of Human Life And Understand How To Solve Them With The Help Of EI We Will Discuss Professional Life And Talk About The Road To Success And What You Can Do To Become A Stronger Leader And Move Up The Ladder Quickly We Will Talk About Relationships And Look For That Secret Ingredient That Is Blocking The Road To Human Happiness We Will Take A Look At The Parenting Side Of Life And Examine How You Can Become A Better Mother Or Father With The Help Of EI Finally, We Will Also Talk About Health Do You Know That Your Health Strongly Depends On How You Manage Your Emotions We Will Learn How To Improve It My Final Goal Is To Give You The Tools To Succeed In Your Life Therefore, I Would Like To Leave You With A Set Of Easy To Do Self Improvement Exercises And Talk About How You Can Check Your Progress With A Specially Designed Emotional Intelligence Cheat Sheet Of Tips So What Are You Waiting For Download Your Copy Of Emotional Hacking Today, And Learn How You Can Improve Your Life In So Many Ways