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writes again, another weird story where a story, well, isn t, if you don t understand me. I have read all of Magnus Mills books I never read books twice but I might make an exception with this one and read it again For one thing, I might analyse if there is any relevance of the record titles And I have this nagging feeling that the landlord once let them continue drinking after he had rung time, but on all other occasions he was very strict about closing time Which would just be typical I feel that the hidden meaning of the book is about the congregations and denominations of churches After the disappointment of Field of Gold, Magnus is back on form, funny, well written and very thought provoking One of my most favourite authors a good book Mills has themes that often repeat in his novels, but they are always a good read Mysterious and amusing This eccentric fusion of High Fidelity and Animal Farm is not Mills at his best, but it s a fun book That said, it s rather slight, just 180 pages with a large typeface. Another subtle read In fact the final page was a tad too enigmatic Very enjoyable though as usual I shall re read in a few weeks. I read Magnus Mills Maintaining Headway and enjoyed it A friend recommended this novel so I read it Just about It is essentially a story about a group of men with a distinct tendency towards obsessive compulsive disorder A little like HiFi only without the laughs or the authenticity There is also a near total absence of any narrative The book reads like a movie with Mills as the camera It s very light on description too and there is no plot If he set out to achieve a book with these missing ingredients, for whatever reason, then he has completed his mission Only curiosity kept me reading, albeit with an increasingly profound sense of irritation as the novel failed to progress If you really like Mills, this may be for you If you re neutral, forget it. Within A Few Months We D Witnessed Bickering, Desertion, Subterfuge And Rivalry I Was Rapidly Coming To The Conclusion That Only A Miracle Could Save Us Now Two Men With A Passion For Vinyl Create A Society For The Appreciation Of Records Their Aim Is Simple To Elevate The Art Of Listening By Doing So In Forensic Detail The Society Enjoys Moderate Success In The Back Room Of Their Local Pub, The Half Moon, With Other Enthusiasts Drawn To The Initial Promise Of The Weekly Gathering However, As The Club Gains Popularity, Its Founder S Uncompromising Dogma Results In A Schism Within The Movement, And Soon A Counter Group Forms Then The Arrival Of A Young Woman Called Alice Further Fractures The Unity Of The Vulnerable Society As Rifts Are Forged And Gulfs Widen, Magnus Mills Examines The Surreal Nature Of Ordinary Lives The Master Of The Comic Deadpan Returns For His Ninth Novel, A Spectacularly Disingenuous Exploration Of Power, Fanaticism And Really, Really Good Records