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South Sudan Progress on peace agreement ‘limps The peace agreement was the latest deal in efforts to end political infighting and violent conflict in South Sudan the world’s youngest nation The country gained independence from Sudan in South Sudan country profile BBC News Made up of the southern most states of Sudan South Sudan is one of the most diverse countries in Africa It is home to over different major ethnic groups and the majority of its people South Sudan | Facts Map People History | South Sudan also called Southern Sudan country located in northeastern Africa Its rich biodiversity includes lush savannas swamplands and rainforests that are home to many species of wildlife Prior to South Sudan was part of Sudan its neighbour to the north South Sudan In South Sudan the Hope and Pain of Gunmen killed our children We seek peaceful justice but cannot be sure it will happen South Sudan News Today's latest from Al Jazeera South Sudan Jun GMT South Sudan leaders reach key deal on control of states Salva Kiir's camp to nominate governors for six states Riek Machar's for three and third party to South Sudan Thousands Still Missing | Human South Sudan should investigate the fate and whereabouts of scores of victims of enforced disappearances and those still missing from years of civil war Human Rights Watch and What’s the difference between Sudan and South Nearly the size of Texas South Sudan has abundant oil reserves Still most people make their living as subsistence farmers and herders Because of the conflict nearly four million people have been forced ro flee their homes with two million in neighboring countires making this the largest refugee crisis in Africa And with inflation skyrocketing—up to percent a year—many families are struggling to buy even South Sudanese Civil War Wikipedia UN in South Sudan The Government of South Sudan and the United Nations Country Team meets to review implementation of the United Nations Cooperation Framework and discuss joint priorities By Maya J Logo Food Security and Initiatives for Resilience in South Sudan Calendar of events