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Growing Up In S Suffolk In A Crumbling Giant Of A House With Wild, Tangled Gardens, Alex Monroe Was Left To Wreak Havoc By Invention Without Visible Parental Influence, But With Sisters To Love Him And Brothers To Fight For Him, He Made Nature Into His World Creation Became A Compulsion, Whether It Was Go Karts And Guns, Crossbows And Booby Traps, Boats, Bikes, Or Scooters And Then, It Was Jewelry From Full Out Warfare Waged Against The Local Schoolboys To The Freedom Found In Daredevil Bike Antics To The Delicacies Of Dressmaking And The Most Intricate Designs For Jewelry, Two Turtle Doves Traces The Intimate Journey Of How An Idea Is Transformed From A Fleeting Thought Into An Exquisite Design It Is About Where We Find Our Creativity, How We Remember, And Why We Make The Things We Do A wonderful, inspirational book for those who like making things Autobiographical tales of a renaissance man for all whether you are an artist artisan or not. A wonderful series of stories of a seventies childhood I found this a joy to dip into and so charming to read The descriptions of his wild, chaotic, carefree and happy upbringing are engaging and delightful The interweaving of the story of how he became a jewellery designer with the story of his life is beautifully judged as exquisite as his jewellery Just loved it. This a wonderful book which is very interesting as to how a jewellery designer starts an idea and how in the end he has worked through his drawing to have a completed piece of jewellry. This is a superb explanation of the joy to be had in making things Thoroughly enjoyable read and received in perfect condition. For me the family stories were the most interesting part of this book However the process of working through ideas and then the skill involved in the production of the jewellery was fascinating The author s evident struggles to make a living in the early days as a jewellery maker and his health issues were also interesting. get the jeweller to write himself Beautifully done, all things English, true to the brand I d expectillustrations though.. Fascinating book on many levels Some of Alex s reminiscences of childhood would make modern parents hair stand on end But it all seems to have led him to a calling that suits him down to the ground His descriptions of jewellery making are very interesting even for those readers who aren t techy at all And some of his jewels are gorgeous.Pity the illustrations don t work so well on Kindle but that s not the author s fault and doesn t detract from the rating.