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Paul Owens, Founder Of Raise With Praise, Inc And A Certified Evaluator For The Delta Society S Animal Assisted Therapy Program, Has Written A Strong Introduction To Dog Training Base Upon Rewarding Successive Approximations Of Correct Behavior Gone Are The Leash Pop And Harsher Corrections Of Earlier Obedience Methods Nonviolent Dog Training Shapes Appropriate Behavior With Rewards Such As Food And Games Incorrect Behavior Is Punished By Ignoring The Dog And By Verbal Cues There Are Chapters On Clicker Training, Target Stick Training, And Training Gear, Such As Collars And Leashes The Nine Ingredients Of Canine Optimum Health Diet, Play, Socialization, Quiet Time, Exercise, Employment, Rest, Training, And Healthcare And Human Canine Communication

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    As the proud owner of a new puppy, this book has been a god sent It clearly explains how to understand the behaviour of your puppy and importantly how to let him understand you I just need to make sure he does not eat the book before we finish the training.

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    This is the best dog training book ever in my view I ve read dozens of dog training books as I ve had dogs my entire life but this is the book I would always recommend.

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    Lovely sentiments which I agree with wholeheartedly, but spoiled by quasi religious pseudo scientific mumbo jumbo.

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    I have been borrowing this book from the library, it is a very sensitive method of dog training and I like it a lot, many thanks it is nice to have my own copy

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    fantastic book , highly recommended read , enjoyable and easy to digest.

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    Only read a bit as couldn t really get into it nit what I was expecting

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    Very interesting read for anyone with a young dog who wants to understand their dog and train with love not aggression.

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    Full of useful info