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With A Name Like Heartbreak Falls, One Didn T Expect To Find Love At The New Town I Had Moved To Courtesy Of My New Stepfamily Aka Mom S New Husband And His SonsSomething Was Up With My New Rich Stepfather, His Sons, And What Happened To Their Last Stepmother Something Was Up With The Entire Town, Which My Stepfamily Seem To Run Along With The School Where My Stepbrothers Reigned As Cruel Princes All Of Them Were Known As The Heartbreakers Two Were Twins And My Age, And Then There Was Tristan, The Oldest Gorgeous But God Awful Hateful To Me What Was Up I Was About To Find Outif I Lived Long Enough Heartbreak Falls Is A RH Dark Bully Romance And Mystery For And Up It Is YA NA And Has Themes Of Bullying And Sex If That S Fine With You, Then Dig In Bully Me Not Is Book Of And Contains A Cliffhanger

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    I could not even finish this book it was pure stupidity I just kept thinking as I was reading this is stupid but maybe it will get better The FMC meets her new stepbrothers and is immediately sexually molested and passively accepts it Then she is basically raped by the oldest brother who knows she is a virgin She doesn t even get angry about it After all this the brothers dress up in a slutty dress won t give her any underwear and take her to a party to slut shame her The author does give her a litle backbone here by letting her redesign her slutty dress behind the brothers back so it wasn t so short She meets the host of the party and he offers to get her a shawl to cover the top part of her dress She goes off with him to get said shawl and then allows him to suck on her breasts and gets turned on Come on really The oldet brother finds them together gets jealous shoves her into a room and has sex with her again I quit reading after that I didn t care about any of the characters and found nothing well defined or interesting about them I have no idea what book the two people wrote a 5 star review for before me but it wasn t the one I read.I like reading reverse harem bully books and they are all a little unbelievable but if the writing is good the characters interesting and there are redeeming qualities in the MMC and the FMC is kickass it s interesting and fun to watch the relationhip develop and grow This book had absolutely none of that I am so sorry I hate writing bad reviews and usually I just give low stars but with this book I felt almost taken advantage of Authors must realize when they write something bad and publish anyway and charge you it is taking advantage of readers The grammar in this book was questionable too.

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    Woah, this book starts off intense and does not stop til the end It is amazing So Tristan has suffered physically, mentally and emotionally He has experienced tragedy and does not want to go thru that again So when Tristan, Drake and Dillon meet Haven their new step sister , they want her Will do anything to keep her But how far is Tristan going to go What else will we find out about mysterious murders Does he have anything to do with them Ugh I need The heat level.is freaking scorching with all four of them I feel for anyone who will take Haven away from them You definitely need to be sitting near a fan to cool off This book was so intense and I was on edge at the end I got goose bumps I cannot wait for the next book

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    Oh holy hell This book is scandalous, sexy, full of drama and drop dead gorgeous hotties Haven is starting her senior year in a new school and with new step brothers After her mother suddenly marries into the Triton family she is now part of the family Tristan, Drake and Dillon can t wait to make Haven s life miserable and get her and her mother to leave and never return But things quickly take a turn when feelings start to develop between the four of them I cannot wait for book two to see what happens with all of the twists and turns in this story

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    WOW WOW WOW.This was an amazing read that I could not put down till i finished the very last word The pace at which this book moves along is perfect making it a very enjoyable read The characters are so real that you feel as though you know them personally and that you want to be there with them personally and to be able to support them throughout the story The story is amazing It will grab you from the very first word and not let you go until you finish the last and then you are needing This needs to be on you to be list, you will be sorry if you dont.

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    I like the twisty, turnys of the plot, so many secrets AWESOME I was surprised at how fast it all happened, from no to go in a few pages, the characters are appealing, but, I think there are hidden depths Haven as FMC, she seems a no nonsense type who will play the boys at their games win Really keen to read the next