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All Aboard For An Adventure Like No Other Readers Will Be Delighted To Learn It S Just The First Kirkus Reviews, Starred ReviewBell Sets A Smart Pace, Guiding Suzy Smoothly Through One Impossibility After Another In A Way That Keeps Readers Off Balance Without Bogging Them Down The Kind Of Efficiency And Solid Storytelling That A Troll Would Admire While Promising Potential Future Adventures For Suzy Horn BookA Rollicking Adventure Reminiscent Of Terry Pratchett And Diana Wynne Jones There Is Plenty Of Humor To Season Bell S Debut Novel, And The Characters And Plot Are Refreshingly Well Developed And Raise Serious Questions About Honor And Freedom Fortunately, There Will Be Adventures In This First In A Projected Series All Aboard BooklistThis Debut Fantasy Is Full Of Imaginative Locales And Fun Twists, And Readers Will Enjoy The Creativity Of Bell S World And Its Look At How Power Left Unchecked Can Corrupt Publishers WeeklyJoin The Journey To Impossible Places, Where Theres Magic At Every StopSuzy Is Surprised To Find A Grumpy Troll Building A Railway Through Her House Especially When A Gigantic Steam Train Crashes Into Her Hallway This Is The Impossible Postal Express, The Trusty Delivery Service Of The Union Of Impossible Places, And Suzy Becomes Its Newest Recruit And With Her Cursed First Package, An Impossible Adventure Begins

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    I have been looking for a chapter book about a train adventure in this reading level for what seems to be years I was so psyched when I stumbled upon this book My 8 year old train enthused nephew was thrilled to start reading this And to know its the first of a new trilogy is really exciting Can t wait to read Thank you.

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    This was a really delightful tale full of twists and turns, memorable characters, trolls, magic, good and evil It was whimsical and I believe children and adults will love it Adventure and danger abound but not too scary, so children can enjoy without nightmares Richly creative and well written Kudo s to this debut author.

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    My 9 year old and I are enjoying reading this book together It is growing his vocabulary and is so imaginative and creative.

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    Fun story Easy to read My kid hates having to sit and ready but the story is so entertaining that she wants to read it out loud for all of us.

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    Read aloud as a family Kids aged 5 12 loved it and so did my husband and I.