Prime Beyond Chocolate: Understanding Swiss cultureAutor Margaret Oertig-Davidson –

Go Beyond Swiss Chocolate, Beyond The Initial Fun And Adventure Of A New Country And A New Career To Immerse Yourself In The Cultural Attitudes Of Switzerland S Fascinating, Multi Faceted Society These Thought Provoking Insights Are Based On Extensive Interviews With Swiss And International People Who Know Well The Ups And Downs Of Life In Switzerland These Observations Enable Newcomers To Better Understand The Perspectives Of Their Swiss Neighbours, Friends And International Business Colleagues Margaret Oertig Davidson Conducts Seminars At International Swiss Companies And Universities As An Expert On Relations Between Swiss And English Speaking CulturesThis Engaging Study Exposes Different Attitudes And Potential Misunderstandings About Friendship, Neighbourliness, Being Professional, Giving And Getting Compliments And Criticism, Parenting, Schooling, Being Polite, Entertaining, Negotiating, Decision Making, Business Etiquette, Team Work, Leadership, Making Plans, And Much Much If you re heading to Switzerland for an extended stay, I highly recommend you take the time to read this book So fun and full of interesting cultural insights into an extremely interesting country Peach vs coconut check it out Lots of simple and deep insights about the Swiss German culture and ways, always practical and never judgmental.very useful, even after 30 years in the country. I was hoping to deepen my own study of Swiss Culture in anticipation of a visit This book have promising reviews, and if this is the first book on the topic you have obtained, then it will probably be fine But it fell short of what I was expecting and hoping.