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Step On To A Stage Full Of Stories With This Beautiful Anthology Of Stories From Shakespeare Featuring Much Loved Classics Such As The Tempest, A Midsummer Night S Dream, Romeo And Juliet, Hamlet And Othello, Each Story Is Rewritten In A Comprehensive Way That Is Accessible For Children And Stunningly Illustrated By Collage Artist Alice Lindstrom This Lavish Follow Up To A Year Full Of Stories And A World Full Of Animal Stories Is The Perfect Gift For Book Lovers Young And Old

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    This book is such a blessing for any one looking for an abridged and illustrated edition of popular Shakespeare stories The stories are very concise yet, not too dumbed down or simplified like so many other abridged versions for children, hence a good eloquent writing style is maintained through out which I very much appreciate.I read the abridged version of Shakespeare by E.Nesbit as a child and even though that is a very good and probably the best abridged version of Shakespeare available, when I read it at 8 yrs of age, I really longed for illustrations to help me catch the mood and imagine the premise of each story better I so wish I had this illustrated version to read at that age, I would have thoroughly enjoyed this book as child.The illustrations are in a particular folkish style don t know if that is an apt word to describe it , that does catch the eye as being unique after seeing the disneyish type of illustrations time and again in contemporary children s books The important point is, the tales are adorned by illustrations generously which would be a very helpful feature for elementary school age children.Over all, a very good illustrated and abridged Shakespeare edition for children Highly recommend for 2nd 5th grade 7 11 yrs.

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    there s always Shakespeare I have grown tired of reading the same lame kids books over and over I m so happy this exists so that I can share these stories with my daughters Note to any parents they are the full stories which means there s plenty of murder to go around The art work is fun and magical A great read if you re looking to get your kids into early literature.

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    What a fun, beautiful and engaging way to get young readers excited about the works of The Bard Each of the 12 plays in this clever collection are short enough for pre bedtime reading, and the imaginative accompanying illustrations are replete with eye popping colors I bought hardcover copies for my two princesses summer reading and expect that these delightful editions will have a place on their respective bookshelves for years to come.

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    I bought to read to my kids for homeschool lesson in literature ages 4,5 and 11 My younger were interested for about 5 minutes I had to keep explaining what they meant but to my surprise my 11 year old affluent reader LOVED the stories I read her Macbeth and Romeo and Juliet and she asked to take the book to read herself.She loves the explanation of cast at the beginning of each story Helps her follow along in the storythe book is very well written, short enough to engage the reader well older reader but short enough to be understandable She loves it so much she asked for the full length version.

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    I should clarify howeverI have not personally read through it My 11 year old son has, however and greatly enjoyed it He was so intrigued by each story he read through the entire book within a day or so He s a highly motivated reader it s not a short book He then enjoyed reading a few plays to his younger sister I know as her reading skills increase, she ll be picking up the book too I can say I like the quality and feel of the book and the fact it puts Shakespeare stories into the hands of children before they develop the ability to understand the original language.