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Maisy Digs With Her Friends In A Shaped Board Book Loaded With Preschooler AppealScoop, Scoop, Scoop Maisy Loves Working In Her Digger, And Now Shes Digging A Pond In Her Backyard She Scoops Up Dirt, Dumps It Into Huge Piles, And Makes A Huge Hole Charley Helps Line The Pond With Gravel, Eddie Fills It With Water, And Cyril Plants Reeds At The Edge Now All Thats Left Is For Tallulah To Put In Some Fishand For Everyone To Enjoy The Lovely Pond

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    Awesome Maisy book for any fan of construction trucks These books are very sturdy and last for years as we ve noticed with our other Maisy books Super cute

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    Maisy books are the best They have very colorful illustrations that are simple and the words are also easy, but not boring for an adult to read.

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    Adorable book Ended up getting several by same author for my great niece for Christmas 2015 Great concept to address several life issues Well done Great transaction.

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    Great product

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    We love Maisy books and this is a favorite.