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Superbuch They finally re released the original unabridged version This is the exact book I had as a kid over 30 years ago By the time I started high school my parents had given away all of the children s books I loved, I suppose not thinking that I might want them for my own children some day Anyhow, when my oldest child was first born I went looking for a bunch of the old books I was so fond of back in the day and this was one of the ones I bought on However, the one I bought about 5 years ago turned out to be an abridged version with many of the stories missing I was NOT happy about that, and if you look at so many of the reviews for that version you ll see I m not alone Apparently or Golden Books took notice of all the bad reviews and complaints regarding the abridged version and opted to do the right thing and release the book once again in its original form Please keep in mind that this is the original edition that so many people like me remember from their own childhood and thus is not up to date by todays PC standards I for one am happy about that because I don t feel that old works should be updated to meet current culture, they are history and should be left as such Buy contemporary books if you want them to contain contemporary culture If this book had actually been written in 2015, I could understand many of the complaints about it that you ll see on so many of the negative reviews, but it wasn t written in 2015, it was written in 1968, so if you don t want your kids to know what life was like back in 1968, then avoid this book in which case there are thousands upon thousands of other classic works of literature that you ll also have to avoid as well, so be careful Of course, you could just do the smart thing and educate your child when they ask why things are shown the way they are in this book and explain why things are different now. Wonderful drawings, always something to discover and great characters we are reading them since I was little Highly recommended Good Useful but overcrowded That was my childhood favorite book Great stories explaining how things work or who does what A little bit old fashioned though, woman always stays at home here and watch children, do laundry etc. I read this book to my 20 month old daughter when visiting a friend s house and that must have been the abridged version because, contrary to some of the lower votes and conspiracy theorists, this reprint as of July 2015 has all of the stories listed, including the policeman, the homemaker, the pilot, etc that may have been left out of previous reprints So, order with the knowledge that you are getting the full experience That said, I would have ordered it for her even if it had been abridged as the stories and images are just wonderful, if a bit dated in parts, and there is so much there for her to discover and enjoy Cannot recommend the book highly enough Find Out What Everyone In Busytown Does All Day In This Richard Scarry Classic Go On A Fun Visit To Busytown And Find Out How Everyone Spends Their Days Full Of Fun And Adventure, This Classic Picture Book Will Keep The Attention Of Little Readers From Page To Page As They Find Out How Construction Workers, Fire Fighters, Farmers, Doctors, And , Help Busytown Run Smoothly Each And Every Day YES This 2015 edition IS unabridged At last I own an affordable copy of the complete What Do People Do All Day for my small children to grow up with Thank you, thank you publishers I will be buying for gifts If you re interested in exposing your children to the many roles women and men play in our society, this is not the book for you Women are moms, secretaries, and models in this book, and the moms receive money from their husbands to buy essentials and in exchange for taking such good care of the house Men only work outside the home This book is going in the trash immediately and I m really sad about that I hate throwing books away, but I don t think this is a good message for my own children or anyone else s.