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My husband and I both LOVE to read and we never worried that our son would grow to enjoy it, too Yet by the time 3rd grade rolled around, we had a child who HATED reading books The bookcase in our living room grew heavier with enticing tales and he wouldn t read a single page in any of them He enjoyed the books I read aloud to him very much but he simply refused to read on his own Diary of a Whimpy Kid everyone shouted He wouldn t touch them Hatchet they urged We read it aloud after he refused to begin it on his own Then someone said Buy the four dollar I Survived series and trust me, he will read from then on Yeah, okay.Since my son had recently shown interest in the Titanic after watching a documentary, I bought this book used off just to see if it would spark his interest It arrived in the mail and he was happy when I told him the package was for him He opened it and was curious He actually read a page.Now, I ll be honest The book sat for months untouched Then one day he decided to look at it again, all on his own He read a few pages Next thing we knew he was refusing to turn off his light and go to sleep because he was reading He was ignoring my requests for him to put away his laundry because he was reading He wouldn t stop and eat breakfast because he was reading HE WAS READING It worked I m very grateful to the person who first told me to try this series It grab s a child s interest and holds on so they keep turning those pages If you are in the same boat that we just got out of with a boy who won t read, consider trying this book Excited To Board The Titanic With His Aunt And Little Sister, Year Old George Begins To Explore The Ill Fated Ship S First Class Storage Cabin When The Ship Is Rocked By A Collision With An Iceberg And Begins To Sink By The Author Of Emma Jean Lazarus Fell Out Of A Tree Simultaneous Another winner from the I survived book series My son loves anything Titanic and this book was no exception The reason we love this series so much is that it is from a child s perspective based on real events in history, and my son loves non fiction stories so it merries the two very nicely Sometimes the subjects might seem too scary real for some children but you will have to decide that for yourself based on your own child I think most kids over the age of 6 will love these read to them until they are old enough to read on own I love reading them with him as well because I tend to learn lots of things, too I believe these are written for the average reader that is between 8 10 years old Enjoy I liked that this book of historical fiction about a sad topic had one happy ending I d like to think that one survivor of this found happiness after the ship sunk True to its genre, it gives the usual historical information one would expect on this topic I would have it in my classroom library if I was still teaching. The I Survived books have my 9 almost 10 year old reading He hated books Well, he hated reading Like, HATED but he picked up an I survived book at our local book fair and read it ALL of it Then he asked for of those He wants to read all of them I got him the Titanic one and he read it in ONE day I can t say enough about them not only did they get him to find a love for reading, but for history, and true stories.He likes to imagine and make things personal, so he connects with the realness of these books, even though they are not true stories H has even learned so much The Children s Blizzard one was his first one, and he came to me with knowledge and understanding.This one, the Sinking of the Titanic, held his interest so much that days later he is still telling me about it and finding ways to learn about that historical event and ship These books are a MUST for any child s library. I have a fourth grader who absolutely REFUSES to read but he s gotten hooked on this series and begged me to buy him the whole set for Christmas I have another fourth grader and sixth grader who also enjoy them, but it s the non reader that got my attention Anything that interests him is worth it in my book Typically, he sets a timer after school to keep track of how long he s supposed to read although much of that time is spent staring out the window or checking the timer to see what s left When he started these books, suddenly, he would keep reading past his timer and tell me he couldn t stop till he found out what happened I think they re supposed to be second third grade books but several of my boys love them.